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My ex is avoiding being served

Reasons Why Your Ex-Boyfriend Is Ignoring You. 1. He’s Still Trying to Move On. One of the likeliest reasons why your ex boyfriend is ignoring you is because he’s also still trying to move on himself. 2. He May Have Moved On. It’s important to keep in mind that he’s your ex boyfriend, not your current one.

I served my wife divorce papers via certified mail 30 days ago. Since then I learned that she never picked them up. I am planning to remarry in about 4 months. Does this mean that I can not get a divorce from her? We have been separated for more than 7 years. She lives in. 14 You Need To Move On To Somebody New. Some people apparently have a lot of problems with this one. They hang out with their ex as a friend, have a few drinks, and before you know it you're having ex sex just for old time’s sake. Don’t do it! Ex sex will damage the trust in any future relationship you may have.

Common methods to avoid being served. Not answering the door. Lying about their identity. Hiding in the closet until the process server leaves. Staying at a family member or friend's home. Although this may work, there are additional fees and expenses that are caused by avoiding service.

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He Still Has Feelings For You . Many women automatically believe that an ex ignoring them means it is because of something bad when that isn’t always the case. It may be surprising to you but your ex may be ignoring you because he actually still cares for you and has feelings for you. Breaking up with someone is a highly emotional roller. Depending on the judge and the jurisdiction, a judge can give you the "OK" to have the process server simply leave it at her house or email it to her or fax it. It is clear that she is avoiding service here. Be sure to document all of the attempts and provide this information to the court.


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